2015 Holiday Wish List

Here are a few items I've had my eyes on this year. Hopefully this list will help you in searching for that special weirdo in your life that you never know what to get this holiday season. I'm going to add more to this list as I have time, but for now check out my 2015 Holiday Wish List. 

PF Flyers ($55-$60)

PF's have been on my radar for years now, but I've never veered away from my Chuck's. Have to admit though, PF's come in some nice styles. Check out the PF website for more colors and styles PFFlyers.com. (Personally I dig these four above others but they don't have my size in those).


GoWorx FreeRide Mount ($30)

The FreeRide Mount for smartphones is a pretty genius idea, it allows you to mount your phone onto any item made for a GoPro (which are a whole lot of items). It really opens up a whole world of possibilities for us amateur iPhone filmographers. It's available for preorder on their website GoWorx and should hopefully be available sometime in December. 


Moment Lens Cap (2/$10)

Speaking of iPhone videography, I highly recommend the Moment Wide Angle Lens for the iPhone(and some Androids). It allows the photographer to take beautiful wide angle shots without the wonky curved edges some of the other wide angle lenses are burdened with. For those of us who already have one, a crucial component has been missing for some time now... A FREAKIN' LENS CAP. (Personally I think Moment should A. include the cap with all their lenses and B. offer one free cap to any previous customers of their awesome lenses)

Check out the lens cap and their lenses on their website, momentlens.co

#BonusItem - while you're on their website check out Moments' nifty Lens Pen($9) to clean your Lens and iPhone camera. 


Yeti Rambler 10oz Lowball ($25)

I have to admit, I have a bit of a design-crush on Yeti's styling right now (okay, okay it's been going on for a while). They're latest slick drink ware is a slick little 10oz Lowball cup that's perfect to drink your tasty hot or cold beverages out of. It's keeps your warm things warm and your cold things cold. Nice little extra is that their Yeti Rambler lids fit nice and snug on these little fellas too. Check out the Yeti Rambler Lowball on their website, YetiCoolers.com.


Burroughs Beard Oil ($28)

Quite pricey for some beard oil, but this stuff smells pretty darn fantastic. It has a woodsy smell that goes naturally with a grown out beard. It smells like you just walked out of wooded area carrying a freshly cut log on your shoulder ala Schwarzenegger when in fact you probably just walked out of a Chipotle and are no where near a cluster of trees. Check out Prospector Co.'s Burroughs Beard Oil on their website, prospectorco.com.


Apple Gift Cards

Well of course, you can never go wrong with an Apple Gift Card. I have an addiction to all things electronic and especially when it comes to Apple. The Apple store is my adult Toys R Us. From phones to drones, to expensive headphones, it's the only toy store there is...