Moment Lens // Wide

The Moment wide angle lens is a pretty nifty contraption. It uses a mount that attaches onto your phone with an adhesive (insert Tina Belcher nervous grumble sound) then allows you to connect to the lens. I'll admit, the whole adhesive thing really does make me cringe but the zero distortion makes the pain hurt a little less. 

I dig wide angle shots, I dig taking shots with my iPhone, and I dig my olloclip, I really do... but there are three things that kill me a bit more about it than some adhesive on my phone.

  1. Distortion sucks.

  2. Having to take my case off each time I put my lens on REALLY sucks.

  3. My olloclip always scraping off and usually making me end up peeling off my screen protector SERIOUSLY SUCKS. #FirstWorldProblems

The Moment website says the mount and lens will fit with most cases and honestly it's design looks like it would. Check out the vid.



I'm sold, sign me up.


$99 - Moment Lens // Wide