Ex Machina

Oscar Isaac is really starting to sizzle in the film industry. He had an absolute knockout performance in A Most Violent Year and people might remember him from the lead in the Coen Bros' Inside Llewyn Davis or his role in Drive. The Latino actor (Oscar Isaac Hernandez) is set to star in the much anticipated sequels Star Wars Episode VII and XMEN: Apocalypse. In Ex Machina Isaac plays the CEO of the world's largest internet company, he owns his own island (as all reclusive mega rich CEO's do), and well he's kind of built the first fully artificial intelligence. Interesting looking film. 

EX Machina is directed by Alex Garland (writer of Sunshine, Dredd, and 28 Days Later), stars Alicia VikanderOscar Isaac, and Domhnall Gleeson (Harry Potter) and opens April 10th.