Fuchila Fresheners (Update)

Fuchila (Fü•chee•lä) is a word that is thrown around from time to time whenever an unpleasant odor rears it's uninvited little head. Fuchila Fresheners are quite the opposite. In the same way the use of the word brings back a bit of nostalgia, the design the fresheners are based on accomplish the same nostalgic Latino flashbacks. From Selena and Cantinflas to an awesome Spring Collection (coming soon) that features a piñata and even an awesome slap-in-the-face-to-the-traditional-pine-tree-freshener in the form of a nopal. 

All of this is cool and I dig it, but here's the really dope part:

#FuchilaFamila is an initiative that raises money towards a scholarship for creative young entrepreneurs, between the ages of 12 and 19, with business development and start up costs. 100% of the money you donate goes towards the scholarship, donate more than $25 and receive a free Fuchila Freshener. 

This is a great concept. Kids are full of ideas, hopefully this will help some of them take those first steps in making some of those ideas into a reality. We should try to harvest creativity and in turn create hope and positivity to continue to tear down the cycles of negativity that sometimes run rampant within our community.

Seriously, thumbs up Fuchila Fresheners.


Fuchila Fresheners - starting at $4.99




Just got my sweet Fuchila Piñata Freshener in. Points for the Batman stamps, thumbs up on that one.