From Dusk Til Dawn Future Season Idea

The Culebra vampire take on Mayan/Aztec serpent worshipping, disguised as a cartel is pretty genius. Thanks for making that into a show Señor Rodriguez and El Rey Network.

I had an idea for something that, in my opinion, would be an interesting concept to introduce into this already awesome show. The introduction of  Jaguar Warriors and Zapatistas, who happen to be one and the same in this case.

Season one introduced a determined group of ancient serpent vampires/cartel and quite possibly some other powerful beings they are somewhat allies with, but what about the good guys in all of this? 

Enter the one force that can handle it's own against all of these evil forces for hundreds (possibly thousands) of years, the mythical Jaguar Warriors. These noble warriors have established their home in the jungles of Chiapas, they are now known as the EZLN(Protecting the indigenous children of the lands from the corrupt government in Mexico).

Mystical Shamans with mastery of the moon, sun, and stars entrusted their Jaguar Warrior (Children of the Moon) elite guard with protecting them, the people, and the lands from any enemy intrusions. The Shamans granted to the best of these warriors the ability to change their form to that of a Jaguar, but under the moon they became something else entirely. 


An interesting new discovery in a very recent National Geographic article  fueled my desire to put pen to paper (or in this case fat fingers to keyboard) and jot my ideas down.


 Archeologists have uncovered a much rumored lost city in Honduras. One of the discoveries was an artifact of a Shaman in a transformative state of a Were-Jaguar. Wait... what

A Were-Jaguar effigy discovered along with the Lost City inside of Honduras. via National Geographic

A Were-Jaguar effigy discovered along with the Lost City inside of Honduras. via National Geographic

SERIOUSLY, HOW COOL IS THIS. TV series ideas aside, how awesome is this discovery? According to the article, the lost city has been only heard of in stories and myths. It apparently was a place where certain indigenous people escaped to during the conquistador invasion of their lands, never to return. I highly recommend reading the article, check it here National Geographic.

As for a little bit more backstory.

It would be interesting to see these groups of transformative beings working together at one time in the past(pre-Columbian). The Jaguar Warriors (Children of the Moon) and the Eagle Warriors (Children of the Sun) breaking away from the Culebras (and others?) at some point, maybe a power struggle between good and evil Shaman. The groups become enemies, beginning a long going war of good versus evil.

Weaving in real world events, it would be dope to show one of the most noticeable battles being witnessed by an indigenous person. A battle where s/he sees an Eagle Warrior defeating a Culebra from afar and the origins of Mexico are born. After the fall of the Eagle Warriors, all the evil powers come together to take control of the lands. Badly defeated, Jaguar Warriors have their wins here and there with the public knowing them as certain moments in history (ie Emiliano Zapata, Che Guevara, Simon Bolivar, Cesar Chavez, Benito Juarez, etc.) The Zapatistas lock down their area in the jungle embroiled in battle with the most vicious cartel of them all, the Mexican government.