$CashTags from Square

Get paid, fast. If it wasn't easy enough to get paid/get money from one person/place to another via Square and SquareCash, now there's simply no excuse. Set up your $CashTag and send people to your designated page so they can securely pay you for whatever it is that you do. 

Add it to your business cards, your artwork, tweet it out, put it on posters, etc. Have something you're raising funds for? Set up a $CashTag and let people help you raise money for your org, school, club, or whatever it may be. Square charges 1.5% on business type transactions but friend to friend is always free. If I want to have somebody pay me for something, from now on I'll just direct them to cash.me/$oneseven3 and they can pay up, donate, etc.

Starting today, you'll see a "Help Support" button on the right column that links to my $CashTag account. Like what you've been reading? Show your support with a quick donation. Thanks in advance. 


Wait... What's Square Cash?

For those not very familiar with Square, it's the company that made it extremely easy to accept credit cards via your mobile device. You've probably seen their little Square devices on top/bottom of phones at local markets and at events(even Girl Scouts use them now). 

Square took things a step further and developed SquareCash, very simple person to person money exchange. Anytime my friends and I go out to dinner and need to split up our check, one of us will pay the tab and everyone just pays their part via SquareCash. When one of my friends buys tickets for a movie, the other just pays him via SquareCash. Square takes that designated amount of money out of your account and deposits it in theirs. Money transfer, fast! 

Think of it like Western Union for the 21st century.

Download the app and give it a whirl, you won't be disappointed. 

Check it here: SquareCash