Life Paint From Volvo

Temporary reflective spray that is transparent during the day and reflective under light at night, in a nutshell that's what Life Paint from Volvo is. Think of the uses though, Volvo is pushing it onto the urban biking community(and rightfully so) but that's only the beginning.

  1. Cops, EMT, and firemen during nighttime accidents can use them (or everyday drivers for that matter) to alert oncoming traffic of accidents ahead or other types of emergency crews (construction, electrical, etc). 
  2. Night time reflective scavenger hunt directions/clues.
  3. Temporary reflective graffiti.
  4. Joggers, walkers, trick or treaters,

Okay, maybe numbers two and three are only on my list but whatever. Something tells me this stuff is going to have a huge market in the EDM(Electronic Dance Music) crowd. For right now, this is only a concept with a limited amount released but I hope it makes it onto local shelves. 

Check out the vid below for more info.