Mad Max: Fury Road Trailer

Speaking of Tom Hardy(check the Peaky Blinders post), Mad Max: Fury Road is looking absolutely insane. Hopefully it'll be the good kind of insane, if there is such a thing. The visuals in the trailer are stunning.

What I really like is that this seems like a return to the gritty action films of yesteryear. I don't mean remakes or reboots, I'm referring to sweaty, gritty, non polished, non shiny films. When you watch films like Temple of Doom or Predator, you can see the grime and the sweat in each frame.

Films in the last decade or so have become super polished, somewhat overly polished. There are some stand outs that didn't mind getting sweaty, gritty, and grimy in the last decade(Fight Club, Se7en, City of God, Fury to name a few), Fury Road looks like it's going to follow in the same vein. Hopefully it can deliver in much the same way as those other films did(no pressure).