Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice Trailer

The very long awaited trailer for the Batman v Superman film has finally landed. So does this mean we'll be in a zombie apocalypse soon(see I Am Legend)? I hope not, because I am far from ready. My zombie survival training/diet hasn't been going so well (as I sip on a dirty chai latte). 

But... I digress. I think just about every comic fan is probably looking forward to this. Of course you'll have you're superhaters out there who feel like Affleck will suck, Man of Steel sucked, Gene Hackman is the only Luthor, Christopher Reeve is the only Supes, Watchmen sucked, this trailer was underwhelming, the color red isn't red enough, the sun isn't out long enough during the day, their coffee is too hot and/or cold, et cetera, et freaking cetera.

Personally, I think Watchmen and 300 were great. Man of Steel was a good movie and I think Batfleck will smash it as an older Bruce/Bats. REALLY crossing my fingers that he'll get to direct a standalone Batman film (see The Town, Gone Baby Gone, and Argo). 

People complained that Nolan was making a bad move by keeping his Bat films "too real" and they complained when he cast Heath Ledger as the now iconic and darker Joker. People will complain because that's just what they like to do. To those people I say... Keep complaining. As for me, I'll be sitting in the theater with my barrel of popcorn and bucket full of drank(maybe even some Milk Duds, don't judge me).

Anyway, check out the trailer. Tell me what you think.