Daredevil on Netflix

Comic fan or not, Daredevil is Legitimus Prime. Now available on Netflix for a very worthy bing-watching session, Daredevil is the origin story of an iconic Marvel comic superhero. A blind lawyer from Hell's Kitchen, fighting crime in the courtroom and on the rooftops/alleyways. 

Just like any other show, I recommend going a few episodes deep before truly making up your mind on investing your time for the long haul. Trust me, once Vincent D'Onofrio steps into the dynamic everything changes. Well it did for me. D'Onofrio seriously flexes his awkward and assertive character in the way really only he can. Very reminiscent of his prior villainous roles (The Cell, MIB). 

The things I really like about this show are how they show how tiring it must be to fight in hand to hand combat. Daredevil isn't a Norse god or inside of a mechanical suit so his endurance being drained is something they show and I LOVE that. The fight scenes are truly great, the grittiness of the show(MA rating), and the depth in which they portray the main villain are something I hope all comic book films/shows emulate from now on. Is it a perfect show? No, but it's definitely a big step in the right direction.