Wall Scrabble

Once again, because why the hell not... right? I want, strike that, I NEED one of these. Even if I have to build one myself (because I sure as hell can't rationalize a $1500 price tag). It does look like it's well made though.

  • Magnets on the wooden tiles to keep the letters in place (so, metal backing? Check!).
  • Nice large fabric bag to keep the tiles in(burlap laundry bag? Check!).
  • It also has a nice chalk board on the side to keep score (chalkboard paint, Check!).
  • Colors and graphics are based on the original 1949 board (absolutely printable. Check!).
  • All enclosed in a nice wooden frame(Home Depot here I come).

Seriously though, this thing is sweet and I think just about anybody would love to have this indoors or outdoors for game night shenanigans. By the way... I don't think Owen knows how to count, because (unless I'm mistakenKNOWING is 42 pts not 32. Good luck with that Jen.

Wall Scrabble - $1500