Beastgrip Pro

I love film, I love taking and making videos, and I especially love using my phone to take and make these films. I am in no means a Pro, but I like to take production at least a little seriously. It feels great to capture moments and it feels just as great to create moments for others(clients, family, friends, etc.).

In furthering my attempts of making videos that I'd like to watch, I try to find tools to help. Lenses and tripod mounts have really added an extra level to my phone's ability to capture, but lately I feel like I've started outgrowing my current mount situation(actually it's kind of the size of my mobile that has outgrown my current situation, lol). This rig has definitely caught my eye. The Beastgrip Pro is an adjustable rig that offers some nice versatility in attachments(lenses, tripod mount, mics, lights) and a nice grip to hold the device. 

The company is currently in the Kickstarter phase and if you're into into this type of thing, I definitely recommend giving it a look. 

Check it:

BeastGrip Pro