Chicano Batman Shirt

Such a dope shirt (and by shirt I mean logo). It's a combination of the United Farm Workers Union's iconic logo and of course Batman's iconic logo. Genius! Now if only they made a 3XL (#TallPeopleProblems). If you've never heard of them, I'll let their bio on their website speak for itself:

Chicano Batman (Los Angeles, CA) is your sonic outlet from monotony back into the soul. Ethnomusicologists in their own right, they are students of rhythm, globe trotting on a quest to reclaim and represent the musical roots of their past generations. The band’s sound draws from a broad spectrum of influences ranging from 60s Tropicalia, samba, spacey psychedelia, to slow-jam soul with a pinch of surf-rock cumbia. In homage to their favorite Latin American soul groups of the 70s, the quartet uniforms their act in retro ruffled-tuxedo shirts from a thrift store near you. Chicano Batman is more than a musical entity but an adventurous and opinionated group, who feeds off of community, afro-centricity and bolillos, on a mission to bring the overlooked to the forefront.


Check out their music if you get a minute.