Gino's East San Antonio


Surprisingly enough, there was a line forming at ten minutes before their doors opened. Really made me wonder, "Am I about to have some seriously killer pizza?" My mouth began to water a bit as I guarded my spot in line. I haven't had a legit deep dish pizza since I was in Chicago several years ago. 



Gino's East doesn't feel like a pizza joint when you walk into it. It kind of feels like somebody put some booths and fresh paint on an old Bikini's restaurant. I kid, but no really it feels a bit cramped in there. 



We ordered a medium meat something deep dish (it was called the Meaty Legend) and set off on our one hour wait for what we hoped was going to be some spectacular pie. In the mean time, we filled the void with the only thing possible... more food. Their wings were meh and a bit undercooked, their bruschetta was also meh and a bit overcooked but who cares... I'm here for the pizza.



When the pizza made it's way through the crowd, tunnel vision took over. All I could see was the deep pan holding our juicy deep dish awesomeness. I snapped out of it in time to clear some space on the table of all non essential items to make room for our prize.



The taste was on point. The meats were delicious, the sauce was a bit runny, and the crust was nothing to really write home about. All in all though, it was a good pizza. Typically when I try a new pizza place, I'll try a simple pepperoni pie just to get a point of reference but that's something you can't really do when eating a deep dish though. 


Main points:

  • Friendly service: Yes
  • Good pizza: Yes
  • Good apps: Nah
  • Price: $$$ (our medium pie was $30)
  • Will I go back: Yes

You can really tell they're still going through the growing pains of opening a new spot. I think in a couple of months I'll try the place again and see how they're doing, you know... purely for scientific reasons. 


Gino's East is located at: 8224 Fredericksburg Road

Their menu is available online.