The centuries-long war between humans and mosquitoes rages on. Many years ago we even started soaking ourselves with all kinds of dangerous chemicals in hopes to repel these much hated pests. Some of us have even gone as far as wearing dryer sheets out of our pockets in hopes that those prehistoric devils may be repelled(thanks for nothing Pinterest!). Enter a new contender into the ring. 

Invisaband is a deet-free microfiber band you put on your wrist(or bag, or purse, or whatever) that uses Geranoil, from Geraniums, to naturally repel those absolutely annoying enemies of man. Their reviews on Amazon seem all around pretty good(unless if you're looking to use them in the actual Amazon rainforest.. Come on, REALLY??

I might just have to try these guys out(if they fit my wrist #GordoProblems). If you feel like maybe trying them out also, check out their website here: