Secret Menus

Fast food is usually pretty bad for you. Public service announcement out of the way, we all eat there. Whether we're crunched for time, too lazy to cook that day, or grabbing something on a road trip or as a night cap after a fun-filled day. (Begin judgement free zone) A few of the spots we all go to on the regular have secret menus. While a lot of us have seen or heard of them on social media or on the internets(Looking at you In&Out Burger and eStarbucks), new items are always being released and more and more companies are jumping onto the bandwagon. 

MentalFloss has put together a nice list of a few of these and I recommend checking it out if you're into this kind of thing. Starbucks, for example, has the option to order your coffee in a "Short Size." Have you ever tried a "Pink Starburst" at Jamba Juice? (Yeah I said PINK STARBURST!!) You can even order "Naked Chicken" for a breading free option at Popeyes.

My personal favorite thing to order at Starbucks is a Dirty Chai Latte, not much of a secret but I still run into some baristas who don't know what it is. Ordering something "Dirty" means to add a shot of espresso into your drink. (Thanks Mike S. for that one) Another favorite of mine is to order my Whataburgers with the buns toasted on both sides (HIGHLY recommend this one).

Check out the full list from MentalFloss here:



#ProTip: Never be afraid to ask your server or person taking your order for their recommendations on "off-menu" combinations. Trust me, they get super bored and make all kinds of stuff up working there.