Coca Cola + Braille

I find myself thinking about quite a bit of topics, I'm a curious guy.  I'm usually that annoying guy in class with his hand permanently in the air, asking question after freaking question. One item I have wondered about for many years is what blind people dream about. Blindness is a situation that seems like the world around us doesn't do enough about. Soda cans are one product, in particular, I had never put much thought into in regards to accessibility to the blind population.

How can a blind person tell what type of soda can they are reaching for? Is it a surprise every single time they pop a top? Can they feel the difference in texture on the labeling of soda cans? Is there some other type of identifier that I'm not aware of? Braille on an aluminum can seems like it would be such a simple and obvious addition during manufacturing. Well according to PSFK, it appears Coca-Cola has taken said steps. 

According to the article, Coca-Cola worked together with Mexican ad agency Anonimo to branch out their 'Share A Coke' campaign to the blind demographic. They made special edition cans with names in braille, even going as far as having a vending machine that would issue out personalized names in braille to over a hundred blind students. I'm not a fan of Coke, but this is pretty amazing. I sincerely hope more companies will jump on this bandwagon and bring their products to our blind population. 

Check out the article at PSFK: