The Big Reveal

It's quite a bit of pressure to be tasked to film someone's special moment. The way I go about it is filming plenty of establishing shots and try to capture the main emotion of the situation. The last thing you want is to be sitting in front of your computer(or in my case holding my phone) while editing and figuring out you missed something or simply don't have a good shot of a certain item/person/group/etc. 

In this case, I sincerely wanted to make sure and capture three things:

  • The actual reveal (as in the balloon popping and confetti flying).
  • A reaction/embrace (the joy of the discovery).
  • Friends hanging out (the chill vibe that I knew was going to be involved).

Edgar and Brenda made that a really easy task. They held nothing back and had an amazing reaction that made for a beautiful moment. Everyone who was there could see the love in their eyes and the joy in finally being able to find out the gender of their baby. 


Really happy for you guys, thanks for letting me try to capture that moment for ya'll, and I know you're going to make great parents.

Check out the final product below:



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