SoundRobin - the social soundtrack

Friends all around, drinks in hand, great song after great song, laughs and smiles washing over all the world's worries. These are the moments you will always look back on later in life. But how is it that so many good songs are playing, one right after another. Is it possible that this is the world's greatest playlist right now? 

Nothing THAT perfect is coincidence, it's planned and put together. SoundRobin is an awesome idea for an app that allows a crowd sourced democratic process within an event to construct and curate an amazing playlist to keep the moment going for as long as legally allowed by your neighbors. 

Two friends of mine told me about the idea and I fell in love, they joined forces and are now in the testing stages of the build. If you'd like to sign up to get early access or to get more info on SoundRobin, check out their website.



I'm curious to see the creative ways people will utilize democratic playlists. Imagine having a get together with friend's music in two different cities at the exact same time? For example you're in San Antonio having a New Years Eve party with close friends while another group of ya'lls friends are also having a New Years Eve party in let's say Houston, imagine having both groups of close friend in separate parties celebrating the same event with the same music(all while voting on it together). 


Another interesting application would be to see restaurants or bars use SoundRobin to allow for a democratic music experience. I could see free models or maybe pay to play/vote models at public spots. I'm guessing a feature establishments might like in these public spot models would be a way to lock in certain genres of music. (Something else to think about might be a cap on how many times a playlist/party/establishment allows for a song to be played within a certain amount of time)


Overall, very cool idea with some interesting possibilities.