When the dreams run out, the illusions fade, and subtlety has lost it’s hold, that’s where we find the core of humanity. A white spiral staircase descending into the perfectly black abyss of lost hope.

Columns of crushed ideas towering ominously, blotting out the light from the days that rise and fall in our absence. Be not afraid, this darkness is a part of the cycle of creativity. This dark, dreary, numbing place is where beauty is brought to life from the melting of negativity upon it’s own weight.

Like the warmth of a thousand loves, creativity glows into existence out of the shards of desperation raining from above. It fires out into the soul turning what was once lost into purposeful contemplation and inspiration. Breeding and multiplying hope from within.

Be strong and ride the wave of pure creation that flows through you for it is not good or bad, simply pure.