We take up space in our environment, for better or worse. Every step we step, decision we make, and action we take(or don't take) creates a ripple through our surroundings. With our actions and inactions, we create ripples, repel ripples, ride ripples, and even help ripples grow. 

Waves of energy, affecting all things around us. 

The strength of your waves, your ripples, are entirely up to you. Although you may have other people's waves affecting your decisions, your ability to create waves is not actually affected. 

Other people's waves don't have power over you, we simply allow them that power. We give them that strength. It is the illusion we have chosen to believe. The lie we tell ourselves. 

Our minds amplify their waves for one reason or another and we allow them to affect us, sometimes in the smallest of ways. 

But it's all in our heads. 

At any given moment we have the ability to create energy, to create ripples in this world. 

Ripples are moving all around us, large and small. We ride them, we let them affect us, we use them, we reject them, we fight against them, we create them ourselves and with others.  

Every action and inaction we choose counts.

Choose wisely.