I've had this thought lately that I really need an RV. How fun would it be to drive around the U.S. for a summer (or year) or so, taking in the sights and sounds from state to state. Now of course I wouldn't want just some regular senior citizen looking RV (not that there's anything wrong with those, especially one wrapped in matte black), I would want the Optimus Prime of RV's. 

Looks like Action Mobil has me covered, the GlobeCruiser is a serious beast of an RV/Mobile Home with 720 hp on top of six wheels. Wheeling this sucker around the States with my close friends would be crazy fun. Wouldn't be a bad idea for oil companies out in West Texas constantly looking for shelter for their workers. I have absolutely no idea how much this guy is (their website is in another language), but it's too cool not to post and dream.

For more info, check out their website: