Double Cooler

I'm quite fond of genius in the simplest of forms, especially when applied to improving something super common. How many times have you seen or drank from a Gatorade cooler? They're everywhere from football fields to the back of work trucks, but how do you keep the drank(yes, drank) in the cooler without diluting it with the rapidly melting ice that's trying ever so hard to keep the insides cold? 

Behold, the Double Cooler (it's the idea that's clever, not so much the name). It's a cooler inside of a cooler, coolerception (okay, maybe not...). Crazy simple idea, put a chamber inside of the main cooler chamber to house ice water so it can keep your drank of choice in the main cooler chamber icy cold without being diluted in a couple hours. 

$120 is a bit steep considering the normal Gatorade cooler runs around $40, but still pretty dope. Check out the Double Cooler website for more info.