EnChroma Color For The Color Blind

You're colorblind? Really? What color is that over there? These are the questions you typically hear every single time a person who is colorblind decides to share their condition with someone. The thing is, it's not something I've ever missed or known what I'm missing. I feel and have felt the downfalls of not being able to discern between some colors but I've never really fully enjoyed the normal experience of color. 

So it'd be safe to assume that I'm extremely curious about EnChroma's Color for the Color Blind eye glasses. Check out the video.

Here's the thing though, if you were missing something your entire life and given the opportunity to finally experience it do you feel like it would make your situation better or worse? Once you put on the glasses, you'll see(if you have the right type of colorblindness) an amazing world that you've never seen, but once you take them off you'll know what it is you've been missing this whole time and go back to a dulled/muted color reality. So, do you try them?

Personally I say yes, put on the glasses. I think of it like having to wear prescription eye glasses, without them you may be blind as a bat but with them you're given the ability to experience the world in the clarity that was meant for your eyes. 

I sincerely hope these glasses catch on and we see them drop in price dramatically so everyone can have the ability to enjoy color the way it's meant to be enjoyed. 

For more info on EnChroma's Color for the Color Blind glasses check out their website.