Square Contactless & Chip Reader

Are you using Apple Pay yet? No? Why not? Probably because there aren't too many local spots with contactless payment readers, well not anymore. Square the creators of the game changing Square Credit Card reader and the absolutely awesome Square Cash are helping out local spots again by dropping their Contactless Payment and Credit Card EMV Chip Reader. 

Starting October 2015, companies may now be liable for fraudulent charges when taking payment from an EMV chip credit card via the older swipe method. In other words if you don't have an EMV chip credit card reader and you swipe the magnetic strip on a stolen/fraudulent card with a chip onboard, you may be held responsible for those charges. 

Have no fear, Square has you covered. Their wireless contactless & chip reader runs $49 and lets you accept both technologies in one small reader. For more info on Square's reader and the EMV Chip switchover, check out the Square website.