INKKAS 2015 Falcon Slant

Well that name looks a bit familiar. All jokes aside, this is a pretty dope shoe and what seems to be a pretty interesting company also. My immediate reaction was that this was just another company Columbus-ing on an established style within Latino America(the jury is still out in my head actually). Either way, their shoes and patterns are still pretty fresh and according to their website, Inkkas helps plant trees with each purchase you make via Trees for the Future, one pair of shoes purchase equals one tree planted. 

Click on the OneShoeOneTree image above to learn more about their project.

Chicano Batman Shirt

Such a dope shirt (and by shirt I mean logo). It's a combination of the United Farm Workers Union's iconic logo and of course Batman's iconic logo. Genius! Now if only they made a 3XL (#TallPeopleProblems). If you've never heard of them, I'll let their bio on their website speak for itself:

Chicano Batman (Los Angeles, CA) is your sonic outlet from monotony back into the soul. Ethnomusicologists in their own right, they are students of rhythm, globe trotting on a quest to reclaim and represent the musical roots of their past generations. The band’s sound draws from a broad spectrum of influences ranging from 60s Tropicalia, samba, spacey psychedelia, to slow-jam soul with a pinch of surf-rock cumbia. In homage to their favorite Latin American soul groups of the 70s, the quartet uniforms their act in retro ruffled-tuxedo shirts from a thrift store near you. Chicano Batman is more than a musical entity but an adventurous and opinionated group, who feeds off of community, afro-centricity and bolillos, on a mission to bring the overlooked to the forefront.


Check out their music if you get a minute.