I'm really starting to think I'm just a cheap skate or something, because just about everything I see online that catches my eye is a bit overpriced in my opinion. These blocks are a pretty sweet idea in creating actual usable Lego style furniture and items. Modular furniture with endless possibilities of expansion and minimalism, how can you put a price on that?


Well at about $7 a block (for the rectangular sized block), I sure as hell can. Considering you would still need to add table tops, shelf planks, and other items to finish off your furniture design, you're looking at a pretty pricey build. I think for an interlocking modular style design, Everblock will have to bring their prices a little down or concentrate on retail for now.


Is it a cool idea, definitely. I would especially like to see the company offer locking finishing pieces to make certain tops more comfortable for sitting, laying, etc. Keep working at it, you're definitely on to something. 


Check out Everblock at their website: