Opal Nugget Ice Maker

Nugget Ice... seriously who the heck calls it "nugget ice?" Maybe I just live in a weird bubble here in Texas or something, but I've always known it as crushed ice. The ice you pop open your Route 44 Cherry Limeade lid to munch on, the ice that takes food spots up two notches when you shockingly and excitedly whisper-ask yourself "THEY HAVE CRUSHED ICE??" Well, now you can make all the nugget ice (just sounds so weird) right on your kitchen counter.

The Opal Nugget Ice Maker is rocking it out on IndieGoGo right now and for $400 you can crunch all the nugget ice your brain can take before freezing over. 

Head on over to their IndieGoGo page to learn more.

Tactica ONE

This may just be the coolest looking bottle opener I have ever seen. Who am I kidding, I'd probably hang this on my wall if I didn't know any better. Made from some kind of super awesome,  crazy lightweight, military/aerospace material, this work of art weighs in at only 0.7 ounces. To put that in relation to something tangible, the ultra light iPhone 6 weighs in at 4.55 ounces. Is it an overly expensive piece of equipment that will probably get lifted at your next get together? Yes. Do I probably care? Naw. You can't put a price on BEAUTY...

Well actually you can.

Tactica ONE - $40AUD (about $31USD)


Retro 8Bit Cartridge Cutting Board

I don't like mushrooms, I've never liked mushrooms. Personally, I think they're a waste of topping. My fungus-loving friends have told me on occasion when they see me picking them off of a slice of pizza, "Dude, why don't you like mushrooms? You can't even taste them... they don't really taste like anything." Then why even spend the extra dough(bazinga) to put a topping with no taste on your pie? This logic baffles me, but I digress. (/rant) 

This is a pretty dope cutting board and nice choice on having mushrooms on the cutting board (unlike the choice of putting them on a pizza... ok, ok I'll stop). The cartridge brings back so many memories of the 80's and those mushroom loving Italian bros. I absolutely would not be mad at you for buying this bad boy to just hang on your wall or lay it on your coffee table, in fact I think it's a GREAT idea. 


9x10 - $40 and 12x13 - $50 via etsy.com