Double Cooler

I'm quite fond of genius in the simplest of forms, especially when applied to improving something super common. How many times have you seen or drank from a Gatorade cooler? They're everywhere from football fields to the back of work trucks, but how do you keep the drank(yes, drank) in the cooler without diluting it with the rapidly melting ice that's trying ever so hard to keep the insides cold? 

Behold, the Double Cooler (it's the idea that's clever, not so much the name). It's a cooler inside of a cooler, coolerception (okay, maybe not...). Crazy simple idea, put a chamber inside of the main cooler chamber to house ice water so it can keep your drank of choice in the main cooler chamber icy cold without being diluted in a couple hours. 

$120 is a bit steep considering the normal Gatorade cooler runs around $40, but still pretty dope. Check out the Double Cooler website for more info. 

WORX Landroid Robotic Lawn Mower

It's like a Roomba for your freakin' lawn. Looks like we're getting closer and closer to a Wall-E type lifestyle (which I'm actually a little too comfortable with happening). The WORK Landroid (clever) Robotic Lawn Mower is a fully intuitive, automated lawn mower. It even automatically returns to it's charging station when it's battery is low. The Landroid ($999) has a built in anti-theft system that goes off when it leaves a programed boundary. Pretty nifty.

Check out the WORK website for more info. 

Gato Gaming Towels

While it appears that their Kickstarter Campaign was canceled, this is a pretty genius idea. I can't vouch for the games that are actually on the towels, but I can see companies like Hasbro jumping all over this concept. The games Gato currently has on their towels cleverly make the use of utilizing any item as your game piece (beer bottle caps, sea shells, rocks, etc). Just imagine the possibilities of putting games and/or activity boards on towels though. These undoubtedly would have to be geared towards adults though, kids don't go outside nor can you separate them from their electronics. I feel that once they nail a solid drinking game on a towel, this concept is going to really take off. 

Check out Gato's Facebook page for updates on their Gaming Towels.


I've had this thought lately that I really need an RV. How fun would it be to drive around the U.S. for a summer (or year) or so, taking in the sights and sounds from state to state. Now of course I wouldn't want just some regular senior citizen looking RV (not that there's anything wrong with those, especially one wrapped in matte black), I would want the Optimus Prime of RV's. 

Looks like Action Mobil has me covered, the GlobeCruiser is a serious beast of an RV/Mobile Home with 720 hp on top of six wheels. Wheeling this sucker around the States with my close friends would be crazy fun. Wouldn't be a bad idea for oil companies out in West Texas constantly looking for shelter for their workers. I have absolutely no idea how much this guy is (their website is in another language), but it's too cool not to post and dream.

For more info, check out their website:

Cooking on Lava

Firing up your grills on Memorial Day? What do you use to heat up your sizzling steak and bbq? Aaron Franklin uses oak, I use propane, some of my buddies use charcoal, well these guys right here use Lava(for science of course). Check out the video.


The centuries-long war between humans and mosquitoes rages on. Many years ago we even started soaking ourselves with all kinds of dangerous chemicals in hopes to repel these much hated pests. Some of us have even gone as far as wearing dryer sheets out of our pockets in hopes that those prehistoric devils may be repelled(thanks for nothing Pinterest!). Enter a new contender into the ring. 

Invisaband is a deet-free microfiber band you put on your wrist(or bag, or purse, or whatever) that uses Geranoil, from Geraniums, to naturally repel those absolutely annoying enemies of man. Their reviews on Amazon seem all around pretty good(unless if you're looking to use them in the actual Amazon rainforest.. Come on, REALLY??

I might just have to try these guys out(if they fit my wrist #GordoProblems). If you feel like maybe trying them out also, check out their website here:


From the people that brought you the Arctican comes the Chillsner, an insertable frozen metal straw (sort of) that keeps your favorite bottle of brew (or root beer, not judging) cool. Pretty genius if you ask me. Not sure how long the "in-bottle, drink through beer chiller" will keep it's freeze but still pretty dope. 

The Chillsner - 2 Pack for $30

If you still don't really get how it works, check out their video to get a little more of a walk through..


So this little gem appeals to two of my vices, cold drinks and all things matte black. It's about time somebody dropped something like this. Arctican is a double layered stainless steel super koozie that has a removable and freezable core that gives you three hours of cold drank. Makes you wonder why bars don't offer freezable coasters to place your drinks on(#idea!).

Check out the Arctican - $20

The Treo Chair

Pretty innovative. This hyper-portable foldable chair is an awesome addition to any normal sized human's outdoor sitting repertoire. Us giant folk will probably have to wait for the TreoXL to drop. The Treo Chair is contained inside of a 4.5 x 11" tube that also double as the chair's legs when unfolded. Check the quick five second animation for a little more insight on how it works.

I have to admit it would have been a lot cooler if it just kind of popped out of tube when unfolded(kind of like the way the run-of-the-mill outdoor foldables do), but it's not like it's a ton of steps in having to put it together. The Treo comes in several colors and handles 250lbs. 


Somebody put a hook and a carabiner together and now they're selling it for $20. I'm hitting myself in the head and saying "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" It just makes sense that these two items would go together, now $20... well, that's a bit much but I'm sure the price will go down once you start seeing companies come out with their own versions "inspired by" the original. 

I'd like to buy one of these but not to hang crap from a tree(okay maybe from a tree also), I want a few to hook onto the bars holding up my driver's seat headrest so I can then hang grocery bags onto(because I can't stand it when I open the back door and miscellaneous grocery items jump out as if though they're escaping from Shawshank).

Either way, however you decide to use these, you have to admit that it's a pretty nifty idea(yes I said nifty, don't judge me). 


Clipter - $20

YETI Rambler Colster

Every industry has that one brand that sets the industry standard by raising the bar so high it stands out above the rest. When it comes to keeping drinks cold, one brand dominates the minds of consumers... YETI. 

Known for their heavy duty construction with videos of grown men jumping on top of their $300+ coolers, Yeti has spread their insulation knowledge into the realm of single serve. The koozie to kill all koozie's. With a slick industrial look, the Yeti Colster raises the bar in the koozie game to all new levels. Thirty bucks is a bit steep, but when you factor in the possibility that this just might be the last koozie you ever buy (naw probably not, but still) and the tons of beer you'll be saving from pouring out onto the neighbors yard when it gets warm... then the price doesn't seem so bad. 

BlazingBlock Portable Outdoor Wood Bonfire

Smart idea. Step one: Take the box on your next camping, outing, beach, backyard gathering. Step two: Find a spot  for a good fire. Step three: light the Fatwood (included) and drop it into the chimney hole. Step four: enjoy your fire for 3+ hours. 

Say whaaaaaaaaaat? Yeah that's pretty genius. Buy a few of these for your next outing and there will be no need to worry about the hassle of putting a fire together. Legit.


In case you didn't understand my fabuloso four steps, here's a visual.