#MicroVid: The 16 Hour Cook

From time to time I love to chronicle the moments I find myself in. My height seems to give me a sneaky vantage point to capture the people around me in a very normal and somewhat natural state. I take these burst of video in angles that I seem really attracted to. I capture, capture, and capture some more throughout whatever it is I find myself in. When the time comes, I put together a quick fifteen second edit. 

I shoot and edit in my iPhone. Using the iMovie app, I drop a track that I feel will mesh well and simply edit to the beat. The reason for the fifteen second time limit is that Instagram allows for fifteen seconds of video and that's where I started posting these.

It became a fun exercise to trim all the fat from what I consider the juiciest of the shots that I thought clicked well with what I was trying to convey on screen. Fifteen seconds is a short amount of time to try to tell somewhat of a story and I highly recommend everyone interested in video or editing to give it a shot. 

Check out the vid and let me know what you think.

If you dig the vid, you can find this one and more in my video portfolio here on my site or just click here: