And so the first domino has fallen...

During Apple's media event on Monday, HBO announced their much anticipated HBO Now service. HBO Now differs from HBO GO in that you no longer need a cable subscription/service to access insanely good content from HBO like Game of Thrones (pictured above) and True Detective (the two best shows on television hands down). 

Beforehand, you had to currently have (or know somebody who had) HBO via a cable provider(Comcast, ATT, Time Warner, etc.) to use the HBO GO app on your mobile device, AppleTV, etc. Now, as in HBO Now(bazinga), you simply need to pay $15/month and have an internet connection to watch some of the best that TV has to offer (did I mention Silicon Valley? No? Go watch Silicon Valley, it's from Mike "the-director-of-Office-Space" Judge... you're welcome).


Here's why this is important. 

Some of us don't want seven hundred channels of crappity crap when we only watch ten. I don't need Forty digital music channels when I have Pandora/Spotify/iTunes Radio.

So imagine if you could "cut the cord" to your cable provider and simply purchase those ten channels. I currently only have local over the air HD channels (for football and other various events) and subscriptions to Hulu+ and Netflix. I use Hulu as an online DVR on my TV (which is now $69 btw) to watch certain shows at my leisure. 

Add to those HBO Now and all of a sudden I'm never looking back at a $150+ cable bill from my cable provider. I will admit, $15 is a bit rich if you were to start seeing subscriptions for an AMC app, a Showtime App, an FX app, etc... they'd start adding up pretty quickly. I feel like this is absolutely a step in the right direction, the market will adjust itself and you'll start seeing these prices adjust accordingly. On top of that, you'll probably start seeing Cable provider prices start to drop. 


The details:

  • HBO Now will be available in early April (just in time for the new season of Game of Thrones).

  • Up to three devices will be able to stream HBO Now at the same time, no limit on how many devices it's activated on. (So maybe split it with a buddy or family member, $7/month for HBO is pretty sweet)

  • Apple Device Exclusive for 90 days. Must be activated via the HBO Now Apple app.




#ProTip: Over the air (digital antenna) HD is usually a better picture quality than the compressed packet HD that comes in through from your cable provider.