Retro 8Bit Cartridge Cutting Board

I don't like mushrooms, I've never liked mushrooms. Personally, I think they're a waste of topping. My fungus-loving friends have told me on occasion when they see me picking them off of a slice of pizza, "Dude, why don't you like mushrooms? You can't even taste them... they don't really taste like anything." Then why even spend the extra dough(bazinga) to put a topping with no taste on your pie? This logic baffles me, but I digress. (/rant) 

This is a pretty dope cutting board and nice choice on having mushrooms on the cutting board (unlike the choice of putting them on a pizza... ok, ok I'll stop). The cartridge brings back so many memories of the 80's and those mushroom loving Italian bros. I absolutely would not be mad at you for buying this bad boy to just hang on your wall or lay it on your coffee table, in fact I think it's a GREAT idea. 


9x10 - $40 and 12x13 - $50 via