Cooking on Lava

Firing up your grills on Memorial Day? What do you use to heat up your sizzling steak and bbq? Aaron Franklin uses oak, I use propane, some of my buddies use charcoal, well these guys right here use Lava(for science of course). Check out the video.

Franklin Barbecue: A Meat-Smoking Manifesto

Deep in the heart of the capital of Texas, there is a BBQ joint that has a brisket that will make even the greatest BBQ enthusiast lose their mind. Aaron Franklin is a master of smoking, he has turned this backyard pastime into an art form. He somehow delicately paints the smoke onto the brisket and what is so amazing to me is how consistent he is with the flavor he is able to create. 

Once you taste the oak smoked brisket, it's quite obvious why there has been a line wrapped around his location every day since he opened his doors. Here's the kicker, he gives away all of his tips and tricks on his PBS show (you can find it on youtube here) and now he's also offering his knowledge in book form. 

His meat-smoking manifesto drops on April 7th. 


$30 - Available April 7

Here is a clip of the Franklin Barbecue PBS/YouTube show. If you're a BBQ head, I definitely recommend it.