Aight, this might just be on my want list. The tiny cable on your keyring function alone is pretty nice on it's own. Add to that the emergency charging via 9volt battery function, mini flashlight, mobile phone stand, and a slot for a micro usb card and this little guy really does start living up to it's name. It's currently funding it's way through indiegogoClick on the link and if you dig it, pick one up or support them with a buck or two. 

I'm really diggin' the trend of these types of items getting smaller and adding more and more functions. My ultimate hope is that one day soon, somebody can figure out a way to make a cable that can pull energy from one device onto another. How dope would that be??

**Update. Apparently the device to device charger already tried it's luck on indiegogo. It was called ChargeBite. It looks like it only worked with 30 Pin devices (iPhone 4S and lower), hopefully someone will try their hand at a lightning connector version.