YETI Rambler Colster

Every industry has that one brand that sets the industry standard by raising the bar so high it stands out above the rest. When it comes to keeping drinks cold, one brand dominates the minds of consumers... YETI. 

Known for their heavy duty construction with videos of grown men jumping on top of their $300+ coolers, Yeti has spread their insulation knowledge into the realm of single serve. The koozie to kill all koozie's. With a slick industrial look, the Yeti Colster raises the bar in the koozie game to all new levels. Thirty bucks is a bit steep, but when you factor in the possibility that this just might be the last koozie you ever buy (naw probably not, but still) and the tons of beer you'll be saving from pouring out onto the neighbors yard when it gets warm... then the price doesn't seem so bad.