The Original Donut Shop

I've heard that laughter before, the way they spoke behind the counter while making the orders in front of them. It wasn't necessarily the actual conversation being spoken, but the way they were speaking it. The cadence in their speech, the words being used, the cackle of their belly laughs, it was all so familiar. It trailed into the dinning room where I waited at my table for my number to be shouted out from behind that counter.


The Original Donut Shop is as close to home as I think I can possibly get in a taco shop. Not only do the awesome workers there remind me of all my tia's(aunt's) and prima's(female cousin's) all rolled into one group of hard working mujeres(women) having fun while cooking, the tacos are made in a way that made me miss those days of coming home to my mom's quick on-the-fly quesadillas or bean burritos late at night. 

Their toasted bean & cheese taco is my new favorite taco in all of San Antonio. I wouldn't say it's the most amazing taco my taste buds have ever had the pleasure of tasting, it's just old school good. Nostalgic good. Grandma "Dejale hago algo de comer" good (let me make you something to eat real quick). I highly recommend it and just about any other of the tacos they sell there. 

Oh and by the way, they sell donuts there too.

#ProTip: It's cash only and closes at 2PM. They have two drive thru's, so make sure you get in the correct drive thru because they won't sell taco's out of their donut line nor will they sell donuts out of their taco line. 



The Original Donut Shop is located at: 

3307 Fredericksburg Rd San Antonio, TX 78201


Gino's East San Antonio

Surprisingly enough, there was a line forming at ten minutes before their doors opened. Really made me wonder, "Am I about to have some seriously killer pizza?" My mouth began to water a bit as I guarded my spot in line. I haven't had a legit deep dish pizza since I was in Chicago several years ago...  

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