#ManCandle: '85 Diesel

I'll be the first to admit that this candle is WAY overpriced(as in all caps - bold font - over friggin' priced), but... it does smell pretty nice. When I got a w h i f f of the '85 Diesel at Austin's Stag, I was transported to a mechanic's shop(but in a good way). The scent is like nothing I've ever smelled in a candle before, they were able to capture the sweet tones sometimes found floating around in an old school car parts store and somehow stuff them into a itty bitty candle.

The '85 Diesel Candle - 7oz $65


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#ManCandle: Open Hearth Fireside

Everyday Eclectic's Fireside Candles are by definition what I consider to be in the ManCandle category. Scents that aren't overly fruity or too sweet. The Open Hearth Fireside Candle especially caught my attention. The company describes it as "The true and comforting aroma of a wood-burning fireplace, or a late evening campfire." Sound perfect to me. I'll be placing my order today and I'll report back to give my thoughts on if the description lives up to the actual scent. At $16, that's a steal compared to places like Anthropologie who sell their stuff for twice that price (and only have a candle like this come around once every Fall. Womp Womp)

I sincerely think there is a growing market for these types of scents and I hope we see companies respond to that market. Men need candles also and candles that are out there are just not cutting it. I'm tired of my place smelling like Hawaiian Beach Sand Breeze Summer Mornings or Fresh Baked Birthday Cake Crumbles On A Weekend Evening. The breezy/flowery/fresh linen ones give me a headache after a while and the fresh baked/candy cavity overload ones make me so damn hungry. I think it's time for a change. (/rant)


Check it.

Everyday Eclectic Open Hearth Fireside Candle - $16

#ManCandle: Prospector Co. BURROUGHS FLAME

This is what I consider a "Man Candle." There is a market out there for people, like myself, who are looking for non-fruity/flowery scented candles. Candles that have scents that place you next to an open camp fire, remind you what your leather baseball glove smelled like, or that familiar smell of tobacco. I'll be sharing in my hunt for Man Candles through this blog and in doing so I'll start with one that I've actually tried.

I purchased the Burroughs Flame candle from Prospector last month while at Stag in Austin. I didn't really have a choice, once I got a whiff of it's familiar scent I found myself lost in memories of campfires and bonfires. Folding chairs filled with late night conversations and belly laughs, catching up and sharing stories. It's been burning in my bedroom ever since. 

Check out the description from the Prospector website:

The scent of Burroughs Beard Oil is infused into this candle, making for an aromatic room filled of freshly chopped forest woods, a dusty carpenter’s workshop and the deep leathered richness of a cobbler’s apron. The scent is classic and masculine and not to be confused with the scent of a beard.

Hand-poured with pure essential oils and quality fragrance oils with smooth vegetable wax blend. Reusable sturdy glass tumbler, great for added whiskey sipping warmth.

You really can't get more "Man Candle" than that. 


5oz $22/8oz $35