Wundershine Photo Printing/Frame System

I don't throw the term genius around very often (who am I kidding, I do it all the time), but this thing right here is absolutely GENIUS. The Wundershine Frame has a built-in ink-less printer and rollers that allow you to conveniently flip out photos in your frame, updating them based on the photo queue you set up. No need to open up the frame, cut some tape, line up the photo, hang it back up only to notice that you got a tiny eye lash stuck between the mat/glass and start all over(Nobody? Just me? Don't judge me). 

We live in a different time now, no longer are photos shown off in the real world. Our photos are lost in our digital instagram and facebook walls for people to like and comment on. Who really prints out photos anymore? That's one of the many reasons why I like this invention so much. Just one more way to make it easier to put your art on your wall. Gift this to your mom and update it remotely with photos of you, your family, her grandkids. It really is a great idea. I'm aware that it's not for everyone, but it definitely has a market.

The Makerframe runs $180 (kind of steep but COME ON, it's an ink-less wifi connected printer inside of a freaking PHOTO FRAME). The company is also developing what they call their Reframe ($60), which is the rolling frame system minus the printer. 


Check out their website for more info on the systems and their expected availability dates. wundershine.com