Trapper Keeper Tablet Case

Takin' it back to the old school. Trapper Keepers bring back so many memories of a time before social networks, tweets, and taking photos of what we ate. The times of Marty Mcfly and Ninja Turtle movies that you could actually watch more than once. Well, Mead has decided to update their concept and bring some nostalgia to your electronic life. This plastic flashback fits most 7 to 8 inch tablets, the only thing missing is the velcro(it seems they've replaced it with a magnetic strip). Now if only they'd make some of these designs available, so gross(except for the Back to the Future one, I'd buy that one).

"If you do, I'll let you carry my books..." Wow, she's like a jedi. I see what you did there girl. Not gonna lie, I had no idea that the folders were called Trappers and that's why it was called a Trapper Keeper. Makes so much sense now, haha.