Somebody put a hook and a carabiner together and now they're selling it for $20. I'm hitting myself in the head and saying "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" It just makes sense that these two items would go together, now $20... well, that's a bit much but I'm sure the price will go down once you start seeing companies come out with their own versions "inspired by" the original. 

I'd like to buy one of these but not to hang crap from a tree(okay maybe from a tree also), I want a few to hook onto the bars holding up my driver's seat headrest so I can then hang grocery bags onto(because I can't stand it when I open the back door and miscellaneous grocery items jump out as if though they're escaping from Shawshank).

Either way, however you decide to use these, you have to admit that it's a pretty nifty idea(yes I said nifty, don't judge me). 


Clipter - $20