Tactica ONE

This may just be the coolest looking bottle opener I have ever seen. Who am I kidding, I'd probably hang this on my wall if I didn't know any better. Made from some kind of super awesome,  crazy lightweight, military/aerospace material, this work of art weighs in at only 0.7 ounces. To put that in relation to something tangible, the ultra light iPhone 6 weighs in at 4.55 ounces. Is it an overly expensive piece of equipment that will probably get lifted at your next get together? Yes. Do I probably care? Naw. You can't put a price on BEAUTY...

Well actually you can.

Tactica ONE - $40AUD (about $31USD)


Coca Cola + Braille

I find myself thinking about quite a bit of topics, I'm a curious guy.  I'm usually that annoying guy in class with his hand permanently in the air, asking question after freaking question. One item I have wondered about for many years is what blind people dream about. Blindness is a situation that seems like the world around us doesn't do enough about. Soda cans are one product, in particular, I had never put much thought into in regards to accessibility to the blind population.

How can a blind person tell what type of soda can they are reaching for? Is it a surprise every single time they pop a top? Can they feel the difference in texture on the labeling of soda cans? Is there some other type of identifier that I'm not aware of? Braille on an aluminum can seems like it would be such a simple and obvious addition during manufacturing. Well according to PSFK, it appears Coca-Cola has taken said steps. 

According to the article, Coca-Cola worked together with Mexican ad agency Anonimo to branch out their 'Share A Coke' campaign to the blind demographic. They made special edition cans with names in braille, even going as far as having a vending machine that would issue out personalized names in braille to over a hundred blind students. I'm not a fan of Coke, but this is pretty amazing. I sincerely hope more companies will jump on this bandwagon and bring their products to our blind population. 

Check out the article at PSFK:


The centuries-long war between humans and mosquitoes rages on. Many years ago we even started soaking ourselves with all kinds of dangerous chemicals in hopes to repel these much hated pests. Some of us have even gone as far as wearing dryer sheets out of our pockets in hopes that those prehistoric devils may be repelled(thanks for nothing Pinterest!). Enter a new contender into the ring. 

Invisaband is a deet-free microfiber band you put on your wrist(or bag, or purse, or whatever) that uses Geranoil, from Geraniums, to naturally repel those absolutely annoying enemies of man. Their reviews on Amazon seem all around pretty good(unless if you're looking to use them in the actual Amazon rainforest.. Come on, REALLY??

I might just have to try these guys out(if they fit my wrist #GordoProblems). If you feel like maybe trying them out also, check out their website here:

Chewie Hoodie

Well mark this one down on my list of things I need!! (Not want, but NEED!!) Dang it, just when I cut my hair and trimmed my beard, this beautiful hoodie of hoodies comes along to dazzle my fragile little Star-Wars-Wookie-Lovin' brain. Sadly the site only lists it available in a Small for some reason, hopefully because it's popular and not because they're sizists.  This gem (and quite possibly my next Halloween costume) runs $60 is available via We Love Fine. 

Check it here: 

Strap Mount

Have a GoPro? Me either... oh wait you said yes? Dang it, I think I might be the only person without one at this point haha. If you've ever gotten your hands on one, you understand how amazingly versatile these little suckers are. I love shooting film on my iPhone, but there are a few situations where I just simply wouldn't put my phone in. I feel like this little mount right here would be something GoPro themselves would eventually drop, but in the meantime Polar Pro Filters has decided to make it. The Strap mount is exactly what it sounds like, a mount for a strap. Just about any strap you may have on your body(back pack, camelbak, life jacket, et cetera). 

Check it here: Strap Mount - $30

INKKAS 2015 Falcon Slant

Well that name looks a bit familiar. All jokes aside, this is a pretty dope shoe and what seems to be a pretty interesting company also. My immediate reaction was that this was just another company Columbus-ing on an established style within Latino America(the jury is still out in my head actually). Either way, their shoes and patterns are still pretty fresh and according to their website, Inkkas helps plant trees with each purchase you make via Trees for the Future, one pair of shoes purchase equals one tree planted. 

Click on the OneShoeOneTree image above to learn more about their project.


Well that's simple enough. The LadderLimb is an attachment that fits into most ladders and automatically gives you and extra hand. Use the carabiner to latch on to just about anything you need. Attach some magnets to the top rung of your ladder and you're all set, you don't need no stinking helper.

LadderLImb - $20 


From the people that brought you the Arctican comes the Chillsner, an insertable frozen metal straw (sort of) that keeps your favorite bottle of brew (or root beer, not judging) cool. Pretty genius if you ask me. Not sure how long the "in-bottle, drink through beer chiller" will keep it's freeze but still pretty dope. 

The Chillsner - 2 Pack for $30

If you still don't really get how it works, check out their video to get a little more of a walk through..

#ManCandle: '85 Diesel

I'll be the first to admit that this candle is WAY overpriced(as in all caps - bold font - over friggin' priced), but... it does smell pretty nice. When I got a w h i f f of the '85 Diesel at Austin's Stag, I was transported to a mechanic's shop(but in a good way). The scent is like nothing I've ever smelled in a candle before, they were able to capture the sweet tones sometimes found floating around in an old school car parts store and somehow stuff them into a itty bitty candle.

The '85 Diesel Candle - 7oz $65


Check out the other #ManCandles I've posted here:


So this little gem appeals to two of my vices, cold drinks and all things matte black. It's about time somebody dropped something like this. Arctican is a double layered stainless steel super koozie that has a removable and freezable core that gives you three hours of cold drank. Makes you wonder why bars don't offer freezable coasters to place your drinks on(#idea!).

Check out the Arctican - $20

Beastgrip Pro

I love film, I love taking and making videos, and I especially love using my phone to take and make these films. I am in no means a Pro, but I like to take production at least a little seriously. It feels great to capture moments and it feels just as great to create moments for others(clients, family, friends, etc.).

In furthering my attempts of making videos that I'd like to watch, I try to find tools to help. Lenses and tripod mounts have really added an extra level to my phone's ability to capture, but lately I feel like I've started outgrowing my current mount situation(actually it's kind of the size of my mobile that has outgrown my current situation, lol). This rig has definitely caught my eye. The Beastgrip Pro is an adjustable rig that offers some nice versatility in attachments(lenses, tripod mount, mics, lights) and a nice grip to hold the device. 

The company is currently in the Kickstarter phase and if you're into into this type of thing, I definitely recommend giving it a look. 

Check it:

BeastGrip Pro


The Treo Chair

Pretty innovative. This hyper-portable foldable chair is an awesome addition to any normal sized human's outdoor sitting repertoire. Us giant folk will probably have to wait for the TreoXL to drop. The Treo Chair is contained inside of a 4.5 x 11" tube that also double as the chair's legs when unfolded. Check the quick five second animation for a little more insight on how it works.

I have to admit it would have been a lot cooler if it just kind of popped out of tube when unfolded(kind of like the way the run-of-the-mill outdoor foldables do), but it's not like it's a ton of steps in having to put it together. The Treo comes in several colors and handles 250lbs. 

Das Can-In-Stein

Open lid, insert standard 12 oz can, pop the top, cheers, repeat. I've been looking for a legit stein for quite some time now, something with some heft, great design, and able to hold quite a bit of drink. This clever plastic beer holder/stein will have to do until I find the stein of all steins. I'm think I'll paint the one I just ordered a matte white. The ThinkGeek Das Can-in-Stein started off as an April fools prank and after an insane demand it became an actual product on their website. 


Dan Can-in-Stein - $10

Wall Scrabble

Once again, because why the hell not... right? I want, strike that, I NEED one of these. Even if I have to build one myself (because I sure as hell can't rationalize a $1500 price tag). It does look like it's well made though.

  • Magnets on the wooden tiles to keep the letters in place (so, metal backing? Check!).
  • Nice large fabric bag to keep the tiles in(burlap laundry bag? Check!).
  • It also has a nice chalk board on the side to keep score (chalkboard paint, Check!).
  • Colors and graphics are based on the original 1949 board (absolutely printable. Check!).
  • All enclosed in a nice wooden frame(Home Depot here I come).

Seriously though, this thing is sweet and I think just about anybody would love to have this indoors or outdoors for game night shenanigans. By the way... I don't think Owen knows how to count, because (unless I'm mistakenKNOWING is 42 pts not 32. Good luck with that Jen.

Wall Scrabble - $1500


Somebody put a hook and a carabiner together and now they're selling it for $20. I'm hitting myself in the head and saying "Why the hell didn't I think of that?" It just makes sense that these two items would go together, now $20... well, that's a bit much but I'm sure the price will go down once you start seeing companies come out with their own versions "inspired by" the original. 

I'd like to buy one of these but not to hang crap from a tree(okay maybe from a tree also), I want a few to hook onto the bars holding up my driver's seat headrest so I can then hang grocery bags onto(because I can't stand it when I open the back door and miscellaneous grocery items jump out as if though they're escaping from Shawshank).

Either way, however you decide to use these, you have to admit that it's a pretty nifty idea(yes I said nifty, don't judge me). 


Clipter - $20

Jeep Chief

I have a serious love/hate relationship with concept vehicles. It seems like companies drop their dopest designs and then painstakingly strip away all the awesome from them in hopes of making them more accessible to the mainstream market(at least that's my hypothesis). The vehicles they conceptualize aren't always amazing, but a lot of the time they really are. 

Take this Chief vehicle from Jeep, dang that thing looks so nice. I mean yeah it'd probably get about 11 miles to the gallon, but who cares... this thing is just begging to be driven down to a beach or up into the mountains. Sigh, will we ever see it? Probably not and THAT is why I also hate concept vehicles. Check out a few other beauties down below.

Trapper Keeper Tablet Case

Takin' it back to the old school. Trapper Keepers bring back so many memories of a time before social networks, tweets, and taking photos of what we ate. The times of Marty Mcfly and Ninja Turtle movies that you could actually watch more than once. Well, Mead has decided to update their concept and bring some nostalgia to your electronic life. This plastic flashback fits most 7 to 8 inch tablets, the only thing missing is the velcro(it seems they've replaced it with a magnetic strip). Now if only they'd make some of these designs available, so gross(except for the Back to the Future one, I'd buy that one).

"If you do, I'll let you carry my books..." Wow, she's like a jedi. I see what you did there girl. Not gonna lie, I had no idea that the folders were called Trappers and that's why it was called a Trapper Keeper. Makes so much sense now, haha.

Sriracha 2 Go

Because why not, right? Do you honestly feel like maybe you can't go anywhere without taking some sriracha with you, well then here you go. All I see when I see this guy is a repurposed travel sunblock bottle. Alright, alright I'll stop. I'll admit, this may bring about some interesting travel condiments in our food futures. Sriracha is good, but I think my friends and familia would probably prefer these two travel bottles instead.

Seriously, I think these two would probably sell like hot cakes. As annoying as it would be to see a ton of people lugging these around on their keychains, belt loops, etc, somebody could make some serious cash. The Sriracha2GO bottle IS actually for sale. The way it works is you buy the empty bottle from the company and fill it up with your own private stash. Sriracha2GO sells the empty travel sunblock bott.. I mean, mini sriracha bottles for $8. 

Check out their website:


Wundershine Photo Printing/Frame System

I don't throw the term genius around very often (who am I kidding, I do it all the time), but this thing right here is absolutely GENIUS. The Wundershine Frame has a built-in ink-less printer and rollers that allow you to conveniently flip out photos in your frame, updating them based on the photo queue you set up. No need to open up the frame, cut some tape, line up the photo, hang it back up only to notice that you got a tiny eye lash stuck between the mat/glass and start all over(Nobody? Just me? Don't judge me). 

We live in a different time now, no longer are photos shown off in the real world. Our photos are lost in our digital instagram and facebook walls for people to like and comment on. Who really prints out photos anymore? That's one of the many reasons why I like this invention so much. Just one more way to make it easier to put your art on your wall. Gift this to your mom and update it remotely with photos of you, your family, her grandkids. It really is a great idea. I'm aware that it's not for everyone, but it definitely has a market.

The Makerframe runs $180 (kind of steep but COME ON, it's an ink-less wifi connected printer inside of a freaking PHOTO FRAME). The company is also developing what they call their Reframe ($60), which is the rolling frame system minus the printer. 


Check out their website for more info on the systems and their expected availability dates. wundershine.com

Life Paint From Volvo

Temporary reflective spray that is transparent during the day and reflective under light at night, in a nutshell that's what Life Paint from Volvo is. Think of the uses though, Volvo is pushing it onto the urban biking community(and rightfully so) but that's only the beginning.

  1. Cops, EMT, and firemen during nighttime accidents can use them (or everyday drivers for that matter) to alert oncoming traffic of accidents ahead or other types of emergency crews (construction, electrical, etc). 
  2. Night time reflective scavenger hunt directions/clues.
  3. Temporary reflective graffiti.
  4. Joggers, walkers, trick or treaters,

Okay, maybe numbers two and three are only on my list but whatever. Something tells me this stuff is going to have a huge market in the EDM(Electronic Dance Music) crowd. For right now, this is only a concept with a limited amount released but I hope it makes it onto local shelves. 

Check out the vid below for more info.