Everything around us has it’s own history, all the way down to the molecular level. That sign you passed on the road a few miles back has a story.

From the person who designed the font, the person who invented the reflective vinyl, the team that researched the perfect height to place it at and size to display it at, to the group of people who petitioned for it to be placed there.

The tree that wood is from has a story, each one of those people who worked on the different things that made that sign what it is has their own unique story. 

We rush through a world of history and wonderment because we simply accept our surroundings to be a simple reality (shadows on Plato’s cave), when in fact the world around us in an intricate multilayered web of connected histories.



Robots are slowly taking over the world, in a good way (for now...). Grab a tag and do whatever it is you do, the Soloshot base will track your every move and film it. Seriously nifty (and kind of creepy) jump into the action and not have to worry about who is going to film you and your friends acting a fool without having to ask the super annoying, "DID YOU GET THAT??!!" 

This guy tracks up to 2,000 feet and has a 4 hour battery onboard with the ability to zoom on it's target. Not to mention the option to track a single tag via multiple bases (and cameras), seriously nifty. All you need is a camera. Check out the vid:



A SoloShot base and tag will run you $400. Check out their website for more info.



When the dreams run out, the illusions fade, and subtlety has lost it’s hold, that’s where we find the core of humanity. A white spiral staircase descending into the perfectly black abyss of lost hope.

Columns of crushed ideas towering ominously, blotting out the light from the days that rise and fall in our absence. Be not afraid, this darkness is a part of the cycle of creativity. This dark, dreary, numbing place is where beauty is brought to life from the melting of negativity upon it’s own weight.

Like the warmth of a thousand loves, creativity glows into existence out of the shards of desperation raining from above. It fires out into the soul turning what was once lost into purposeful contemplation and inspiration. Breeding and multiplying hope from within.

Be strong and ride the wave of pure creation that flows through you for it is not good or bad, simply pure.


I'm really starting to think I'm just a cheap skate or something, because just about everything I see online that catches my eye is a bit overpriced in my opinion. These blocks are a pretty sweet idea in creating actual usable Lego style furniture and items. Modular furniture with endless possibilities of expansion and minimalism, how can you put a price on that?


Well at about $7 a block (for the rectangular sized block), I sure as hell can. Considering you would still need to add table tops, shelf planks, and other items to finish off your furniture design, you're looking at a pretty pricey build. I think for an interlocking modular style design, Everblock will have to bring their prices a little down or concentrate on retail for now.


Is it a cool idea, definitely. I would especially like to see the company offer locking finishing pieces to make certain tops more comfortable for sitting, laying, etc. Keep working at it, you're definitely on to something. 


Check out Everblock at their website:

Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee

I enjoy listening to people talk in just about every way of the form, but especially in conversations. I ask a million questions just to listen to what people have to say(to the point where it's probably somewhat annoying at times). Listening to a good conversation is just as good as being involved in one for me. Comedians In Cars Getting Coffee is the best and purest form of celebrity conversation I think I've seen so far. 

I'm a bit biased considering I already enjoy Seinfeld's humor, but I thoroughly enjoy listening to what always seems like good friends talking about the subjects they're talking about without having to put on a face for the camera (as in not having to put on a performance). 



Season six just launched online with Julia Louis-Dreyfus (Veep, Seinfeld) as Jerry's first guest. I highly recommend going online and giving it a shot if you haven't already. The interviews are typically around 16 minutes long or so. The show is available online for free here:



If you have an Apple TV at home, you can check out the show via the Crackle App for free also. If you're new to the show, a few episodes I recommend to get the ball rolling are: Louis CK, Larry David, and David Letterman

SoundRobin - the social soundtrack

Friends all around, drinks in hand, great song after great song, laughs and smiles washing over all the world's worries. These are the moments you will always look back on later in life. But how is it that so many good songs are playing, one right after another. Is it possible that this is the world's greatest playlist right now? 

Nothing THAT perfect is coincidence, it's planned and put together. SoundRobin is an awesome idea for an app that allows a crowd sourced democratic process within an event to construct and curate an amazing playlist to keep the moment going for as long as legally allowed by your neighbors. 

Two friends of mine told me about the idea and I fell in love, they joined forces and are now in the testing stages of the build. If you'd like to sign up to get early access or to get more info on SoundRobin, check out their website.



I'm curious to see the creative ways people will utilize democratic playlists. Imagine having a get together with friend's music in two different cities at the exact same time? For example you're in San Antonio having a New Years Eve party with close friends while another group of ya'lls friends are also having a New Years Eve party in let's say Houston, imagine having both groups of close friend in separate parties celebrating the same event with the same music(all while voting on it together). 


Another interesting application would be to see restaurants or bars use SoundRobin to allow for a democratic music experience. I could see free models or maybe pay to play/vote models at public spots. I'm guessing a feature establishments might like in these public spot models would be a way to lock in certain genres of music. (Something else to think about might be a cap on how many times a playlist/party/establishment allows for a song to be played within a certain amount of time)


Overall, very cool idea with some interesting possibilities. 



QuickDraw Wallet Case

Who carries around a 100 dollar bill? I guess you will if you buy this case? While still a bit odd looking and somewhat bulky, this wallet-case is on the right track. My personal idea on this would be a mix between the lower backside magnetic wallet of this case, the Senna wallet-case's more wallet like style and the sleekness of the Hex leather wallet. The Quickdraw wallet case is definitely a step in the right direction for me, but it's just not quite there yet. 

I'm super picky, I know. Basically, what I'm looking for is sleek case with a wallet function on the back that allows me to store a couple credit/debit cards, my ID, and some cash while allowing complete access to my camera without having to move anything out of the way. 

I'm not a big fan of the front side wallet cases(like the Senna wallet), it just doesn't seem practical to have to have a wallet flapping when you try to talk on it or actually use your touch screen. If they could make it to where it's permanent home was located on the back side via magnets and had a lower top part so as to not get in the way of the camera and flash I'd be completely sold. 

Anyway, the Quickdraw is available for $26 via their website if anybody is interested. It's a nice looking concept at a good price, just not my cup of tea.

Quickdraw Wallet Case - $26