The Tortilla Factory Sticker Pack

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The Tortilla Factory Sticker Pack

The Tortilla Factory Sticker Pack for iMessage lets you send a little cultura in your chats with some great images and animations. 

Send a loved one a lit vela when they're feeling down and watch it flicker hearts. Send your amigas a Taco Truck when they ask you what you'd like to grab for lunch. 

Stick, share, y send some cultura.


After downloading the Sticker Pack from the App Store, it is sometimes required to manually add the Sticker Packs within iMessages.
While in iMessage, tap on the "A" App Store button, followed by the four circles on the bottom left. Press on the "+" sign and you can manually add any iMessage apps within the Manage Tab.

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For any questions or comments about the Tortilla Sticker Pack, feel free to email.